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Preparing For Surgery

How We Ensure a Safe & Comfortable Experience

Pre-Surgery Checklist


Notify the Cerritos Surgery Center if you have experienced any recent and significant changes in your physical condition.

Arrange for an adult to transport you home after surgery. When you receive your pre-op call before your scheduled surgery, you must confirm that you have a ride. For your safety, we do not allow patients to take a taxi or any other ride sharing service home. Furthermore, patients are not permitted to walk or take public transportation. If you cannot find a ride to and from surgery, we ask that you notify our staff immediately at (562) 219-7251 to reschedule.

The physician may request that you stop certain medications before your procedure. This may include aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications as well as blood thinners. This list is not exhaustive, therefore it is important to inform your physician of all your current medications at your consultation.

Should you miss your pre-op call, be sure to follow up with our staff as soon as possible. It is at this time we will confirm your ride, appointment schedule, review your financial responsibility as well as your individualized medication instructions.

DO NOT eat or drink anything after 11:59pm the day before your procedure. This means no after-midnight snack, breakfast, morning coffee, etc. These strict guidelines are put in place for your own safety. Should patients not comply, your procedure will be cancelled.

Morning of Surgery Checklist

Notify the Cerritos Surgery Center if you are experiencing any significant changes in your physical condition.


All patients must arrive with a driver who will transport them home after surgery. For policies related to the current pandemic, please view our COVID-19 Statement.

Minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times. 

Those requiring interpreters must have pre-arranged to have one present. To arrange this, please contact our office at (562) 219-7251

Be sure to bring the following: photo identification and insurance card (if not a cash or worker's comp patient)

Remember to leave all jewelry and other valuables at home.

Post-Operative Checklist

Remember that it is normal to feel sleepy and/or dizzy up to 24 hours after your procedure. Therefore, you cannot drive for the 24 hours following your operation.


Review your post-op instructions provided by the Cerritos Surgery Center surgeons and staff. 

Should you experience any unusual symptoms following your procedure, call your surgeon or visit your nearest emergency room to receive the care you need.

Specific Post-op Instructions


Below are documents containing specific instructions for common procedures done at the Cerritos Surgery Center. All patients and their escorts will receive specific post-op instructions prior to leaving the Center. Click the button to download a PDF copy for your reference. 

Knee Procedures

Shoulder Procedures

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