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Price Disclaimer

How We Ensure Price Transparency

What is Included

  • Facility, Surgeon, and Anesthesiologist Fee

  • 3 Months of Post-operative Care

    • follow-up visits​

  • Recovery Room Services 

  • $200 Initial Consultation Fee

    • applied to balance for those that choose to proceed with surgery​

What is Excluded

  • Post-operative Complication Expenses or Fees 

    • subsequent to discharge from our facility 

  • Necessary hardware or prosthetic implants

    • pricing will be discussed during the initial consult 

    • all hardware and implants are provided at cost

      • copies of the invoice will be provided

  • Diagnostic Procedures Prior to Surgery

  • Post-operative Physical Therapy

    • however, we do provide a take-home exercise plan​

  • Financing Fee


Pricing listed on this website does not apply to patients choosing to bill a procedure under their insurance!

Our goal for pricing is to be as transparent as possible. The list of prices on this website is not exhaustive, however you can request a quote by contacting us directly or submitting a price quote request on the right. Given the uniqueness of each patient's condition, all potential fees will be discussed at your first consultation. At this time, our facility does not offer overnight visits. Should you need a post-operative nursing facility, our staff would be happy to assist you in finding nearby locations. 

Prices listed are non-negotiable. We do not offer discounts or promotions in efforts to maintain equal pricing for all of our patients. Balances must be paid in full and in advance. However, we do offer financing options through third-party vendors. For more information, contact us

Request a Quote!

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Please allow us 3 business days for a  response.

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